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The Adventures of Darrius: The Hall Monitor

The Adventures of Darrius: The Hall Monitor


The origin story of a brave superhero! Darrius is a very smart, intelligent, and talented kid from Chicago. While in school, Darrius is often confronted by a mean hall monitor named Billy. With the help of his friend Princess, he is able overcome this obstacle when he learns about his superpowers and strengths! This story is written by university professors Dr. Jeremy C. McCool and Dr. Anthony McBride. This book is a sequel to Princess and The Power of Melanin and helps to increase the self-esteem of Black children, while teaching them to prevail over bullying and the abuse of authority. COLORING BOOK INCLUDED IN THE BACK OF THE BOOK!

"This read is almost essential for the young minority: it empowers them to embrace the color of their skin and the value of knowledge."
Dr. Jack Thomas
Former President of Central State University

Recommended ages: 5-12 (Grades K-4)

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